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The Pancha yoga retreat

Until 31st January 2020

Welcome to the Pancha Yoga and Ayurveda retreat
with Yoga Healing Therapy. 

Imagine 11 days in the incredible India, the land of Yoga. 

Yoga, Panchakarma, healthy home grown organic food and adventures! 

5 nights at Anand lok Ashram across the Ganga (the Holy river) 30 minutes away from Rishikesh where you will have a chance to deepen and renew your yoga practice through daily specific yoga classes and workshops. Including dynamic and restorative yoga, pranayama and meditation. 

You will have the chance to explore and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of the Himalayas and the sacred holy river Ganges while sipping herbal tea or fresh squeeze juice. You will be able to recharge, reconnect, rediscover the blissful energies within you. 

5 nights at Naturoville spa in the lap of ethereal looking Himalayas where you will experience authentic kerala Ayurveda treatments, yoga and meditation. The spa provides complete relaxa- tion from building stress and anxiety disorders that comes with hectic city life . At Naturoville, you will be offered Panchakarma, a purification therapy in Ayurvedic intensely cleanse and restore balance to the body, mind and emotions. 


To secure your place a non-returnable or transferrable deposit of 40% of the retreat is required of £420 per person sharing or £550.00 for single occupancy. 


Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan
foothills beside the Ganges River.

The river is considered holy, and the city is renowned as a centre for studying yoga and meditation . Rishikesh experiences a temperate climate all round the year. The average
maximum temperature in Rishikesh is 35° Celsius and the average minimum is 7° Celsius. Summer in Rishikesh begins in March which lasts in late June.

Anand Lok Ashram , across The Ganga is a retreat centre specialized in organizing yoga and meditation retreats. Close enough to attract guests from cities and remote enough to provide quietness, nature, peace and greenery. Cross River Ganga via boat and walk on the
bridge uphill for few hundred metres you will reach that special place, and sacred gardens. You will feel the peaceful energies as soon a s you enter the portal . To recharge, reconnect rediscover the blissful energies within green nature will refresh you, organic salads and veggies will nourish you, flower gardens will delight you.

Naturoville Spa is nestled cosily in the lap of the Himalayas, Rishiukesk. It
offers wellness treatments, Ayurveda treatments, including panchakarma therapy. With a profound belief in this philosophy, Naturoville is the archway to health, wellness, and peace. Blessed by the mighty Himalayas, the valley below boasts of an abundance in flora and fauna.

Does this sounds like you?
You have been doing yoga for a while and want to move up to the next level.
You have never done yoga and feel a call for reconnection with your blissful Self.
You feel that your body needs a good detox.
You have been feeling stressed and low in energy and are dreaming of an ideal vacation which will bring you into complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.
You simply feel a deep call within that tells you to flow and grow and explore into a world of wonder.
Then this yoga retreat is for YOU!
Located in Rishikesh, the capital of yoga, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the true science of Yoga and Ayurveda.
From the moment you arrive, you will be taken care of and will feel all the hustle and bustle of city life melt away.
Immerse yourself in the breath taking views of the Himalayas overlooking the sacred river Ganga in the incredible India, the land of yoga and Ayurveda. In this retreat, we will spend 5 nights at Anand Lok Ashram, a Heaven of tranquillity and peace with excellent organic vegetarian food where you can eat as much as you like. With plenty of walk and space to just be at one with Nature. We will be exploring the Pancha koshas ( the 5 sheaths or layers of the body) while at the Ashram. Starting from the outermost layer and moving through the layers to the core of the self, each body is made up of increasingly subtler degrees of energy: from the physical body, to the energetic body, to the mental body, to the wisdom body, and finally, to the bliss body.
5 nights at Naturoville Spa where you will experience authentic panchakarma therapy as well as yoga and meditation and outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, walking or simply reading.
We will be exploring the 5 pranas vayus (the 5 sub energies -vayus means wind) while at the Spa as well as taking 2 Panchakarma treatments daily. A special food will be prepared for each individual according to your body constitution
The word Pancha means five. Karma means action.
Panchakarma refers to 5 procedures to intensely cleanse and restore balance to the body, mind and emotions.
You will leave the retreat and return home feeling detoxified, light, refreshed, renew, spacious,
connected with Source and full of life and vitality!

Sample daily yoga retreat
6.45 am : Morning herbal drink
7.00 am: Morning Hatha yoga flow included pranayama and meditation with Cathy
9.00 am : Delicious healthy breakfast
11.30 am: Workshop with Cathy
1.00 pm: Healthy organic homemade lunch
Afternoon free time: Activities, walking, reading, relaxing.
5.00 pm: Evening gentle and restorative yoga with Cathy
7.00 pm: Healthy organic homemade dinner
8.30 pm: Group discussion, meditation
When at the Spa, the schedule may change slightly to include the treatments.

What’s included in this package:

FREE Airport pick up and drop off because we want to meet you as soon as possible
5 Nights in the beautiful Anand Lok Ashram with simple, yet very comfortable accommodation right on the Ganges and surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains.
10 Rejuvenating Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and meditation with Cathy in the morning followed by workshop
10 Gentle, restorative yoga with Cathy in the afternoon
5 Nights at Naturoville spa in the lap of ethereal looking Himalayas where you will experience authentic kerala Ayurveda treatments, yoga and meditation. Use of swimming pool, Jacuzzi and indoor gym.
Delicious organic healthy meals surrounded by Nature
10 breakfasts, 9 lunches and 10 dinners lovingly prepared by our cook from locally sourced, vegetarian ingredients
Integration groups that will help you synthesize the deep  transformations that occur during retreats
2 Ayurvedic consultation with professional Ayurvedic Doctor
10 Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments by experienced and well trained practitioners that cleanse and restore balance to
the body, mind and emotions.
4 excursions from chanting at a famous Puja ceremony in Rishikesh, visit Haridwar, a Holy city, trekking and jumping into the cool waterfall, sunrise yoga at the top of sacred temple with breath taking views of snow- capped mountains of the Himalayas, sighteeing at a

Buddha temple or Rajaji National Park.
Note: All excursions are optional and subject to


The e-visa to India has now made visiting India less expensive & is much easier to obtain now that it can be done online. 

Flights: London Heathrow to Delhi – Delhi domestic flight to Derhadun 

Flight from London Heathrow to Delhi international on Sunday 5th April. I would recommend an evening flight. 

From Delhi domestic flight to Derhadun airport on Monday 6th April in the morning 

Return: Thursday 16th April leaving from the Spa in the afternoon for flight . 

Arrive in Delhi in the evening 

Take a night flight to London. 

Arrive in London on Friday 17th April. 

You can extend your stay by either flying before or after the retreat. If you want to visit Agra or Delhi, it can be arranged at you own cost. 

Note: is a great site to look for cheapest flights. Southall travel is a great travel agency which specialise in flight to India. 

Payment details for the retreat in India 


Cathy Brebion 

Sort code: 11 04 81 

Account number: 00257825 

Please write your name and surname for reference 

To secure your place a non-returnable or transferrable deposit of 40% of the retreat is required : 

£420 per person sharing 

£550.00 for single occupancy 

Installment can be arranged 

Minimum participants 5 

2 Instalments can be arranged via direct debit to spread the cost and make your stay easy and stress free after securing your place with deposit 

Terms and conditions for the retreat with Yoga healing therapy


Each participant understands that yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation,stress re-education and relief of muscular tension. As is the case with any physical activity, therisk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. If

you experience any pain or discomfort, you will listen to your body, adjust the posture and ask

for support. All yoga is practiced at the participants own risk.


Yoga healing therapy strongly recommends that participants obtain adequate insurance that will

cover any property loss, or any accident, injury or death.

We recommend that you review your personal insurance plan and consider extra travel and

cancellation coverage before your trip.


Due to the location of the retreats, medical facilities and services may not be easily accessible

and may not be of the same standards to which you are accustomed.

Other risks associated with travel include theft or the loss of or damage to property.

Limitation of Liability, Release and Indemnification

Yoga healing Therapy retreat participants accept risks and assume full responsibility for any loss,

injury, death or damage to them, their family or their dependants arising in connection with

their participation, or the participation of their family, in a Yoga healing therapy retreat. Participants must have their own insurance appropriate to their needs and the needs of their family or


Participant Cancellation Policy

Yoga healing therapy’s policy for retreat participant cancellations is to return payments made less

the amounts set forth below*:

Date of Cancellation Amount Retained Yoga healing therapy

90 days prior to retreat date: £250 per person deposit

31 – 60 days prior to retreat date: 50% of total retreat price

Less than 30 days prior to retreat date: 100% of total retreat price

(including your cancellation of any part of the retreat while it is in progress).

Cancellation by Yoga healing therapy

Yoga healing therapy reserves the right to cancel any confirmed retreat if we believe that the safety

our clients or the quality of the trip is likely to be compromised. In the event of such

cancellation, all monies received would be refunded in full, which shall constitute full

settlement of claims associated with the cancellation. Yoga healing therapy does not assume

responsibility for any loss by clients for non-refundable air tickets.

Organised transport to and from retreat venues

Yoga healing therapy will do everything possible to make sure the transport arrives at the airport on

time for pick-ups and drop offs. Yoga healing therapy is not responsible for traffic or accidents on the

road that prevent the transport to arrive on time. Missed flights or other associated expenses

are not covered by Yoga healing therapy.

Call me on 07743 601 504

What my clients say !!!

"Yoga is a personal journey and along the way you come across teachers who help to deepen your practice. I started attending classes and I couldn't believe how I had neglected the depth of breathing during my practice. Cathy's classes re-introduced this! I then attended a breath workshop run by Cathy. Wow! The workshop was enriching, a breath of fresh air. It deepened my understanding of the breath not just in a yoga class but also on how important it is to be aware of the essence of the breath and how we breathe in our daily lives! Cathy's workshops are invigorating and nourishing. She combines the practical practice of yoga with the soul of yoga so the process is a holistic experience. As a result my practice is deepened and enriched." - Florence  
"I have been attending Cathy's yoga class now for almost three years. I had tried other classes before that but never stuck to them. There is no such words as "i cant do that" in Cathy's vocabulary. She has me doing poses that i thought i couldn't manage. I like how Cathy walks around during the class and corrects your pose. I also enjoy the breathing exercises. Because i travel to the class by bicycle, i like how Cathy will provide you with a mat, blanket, belt and block if you need them." - Mary McCready
"I had taken yoga classes previously with various other instructors but never stuck to them as I didn’t feel like I was benefiting from them. However that all changed when I started classes with Cathy back in January 2016 and I haven’t looked back since. Cathy made me feel very comfortable from the outset and showed me the proper way to breathe, yes there is a proper way! Once I managed to master the breathing technique I was able to push myself a bit more each time I attended Cathy’s classes. I have a very mentally stressful job and I find by attending Cathy’s yoga classes I feel so destressed and relaxed by the end of the session. I would highly recommend Cathy’s yoga sessions. " - Teresa McCready
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