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Letting Go
Saturday 28th September 2019

Welcome all the energies of Autumn into your life. 

It is the time for transformation and reflection. 

In this One day Retreat, in the peaceful Amberley village right at the foot of the South Downs Way, you will learn to let go of things that no longer serves you and with grace make way for many new blessings. 

This is a season of warmth and gentleness, a reflection of your Inner Self.


Includes 2 Yoga classes, meditation 

COST: £75

2 delicious homemade vegetarian meal

Contact Cathy 


Mobile: 07743601504 


Amberley Village 

Church Hal 

Amberley BN18 9NA

Please bring your yoga mat 

Blankets and props are provided 

10.30 am: welcome drink 

10.45 am: Yoga Asanas and Pranayama 

12.15 pm: Discussion, Q&A 

1.00 pm : Delicious homemade lunch 

2.00 pm: Fresh country walk 

4.45pm: Gentle yoga, meditation 

6.00 pm: Light snack and beverage 

6.30pm: Farewell 

You will get to know some lovely people, enjoy some beautiful scenery & I hope you will return home feeling as though you have been away on a mini holiday ! 

Amberley is one of the most attractive of all South Down villages. 

It has its own castle, museum, pottery, tea room and is famous for walks and cycling through beautiful paths. 




Amberley Village Church Hall

 West Sussex   BN189 NA


Amberley is only one hour and 20 minutes from London Victoria station. Tickets can be purchased in advance for cheaper fare

Call Cathy on 07743 601 504

What my clients say !!!

"Yoga is a personal journey and along the way you come across teachers who help to deepen your practice. I started attending classes and I couldn't believe how I had neglected the depth of breathing during my practice. Cathy's classes re-introduced this! I then attended a breath workshop run by Cathy. Wow! The workshop was enriching, a breath of fresh air. It deepened my understanding of the breath not just in a yoga class but also on how important it is to be aware of the essence of the breath and how we breathe in our daily lives! Cathy's workshops are invigorating and nourishing. She combines the practical practice of yoga with the soul of yoga so the process is a holistic experience. As a result my practice is deepened and enriched." - Florence  
"I have been attending Cathy's yoga class now for almost three years. I had tried other classes before that but never stuck to them. There is no such words as "i cant do that" in Cathy's vocabulary. She has me doing poses that i thought i couldn't manage. I like how Cathy walks around during the class and corrects your pose. I also enjoy the breathing exercises. Because i travel to the class by bicycle, i like how Cathy will provide you with a mat, blanket, belt and block if you need them." - Mary McCready
"I had taken yoga classes previously with various other instructors but never stuck to them as I didn’t feel like I was benefiting from them. However that all changed when I started classes with Cathy back in January 2016 and I haven’t looked back since. Cathy made me feel very comfortable from the outset and showed me the proper way to breathe, yes there is a proper way! Once I managed to master the breathing technique I was able to push myself a bit more each time I attended Cathy’s classes. I have a very mentally stressful job and I find by attending Cathy’s yoga classes I feel so destressed and relaxed by the end of the session. I would highly recommend Cathy’s yoga sessions. " - Teresa McCready
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